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Dr. Jeannette DeVaris

Clinical Psychologist

Do you wish you could lead a more satisfying, productive, happy life?

My mother, a noted psychologist, was like a guiding light, inspiring me to follow in her footsteps from a very young age. So you could say my commitment to helping people like you overcome mental health challenges is lifelong.

I have expertise in:

  • traditional and alternative techniques such as EMDR, Ego State Therapy, and hypnotherapy

  • mind-body practices that can improve sense of well-being, while decreasing stress, anxiety, and physical pain

  • performing my responsibilities as a licensed Doctor of Clinical Psychology diligently and sensitively

I also have a warm and friendly office environment open to both adults and kids. Thank you for your interest in my practice. 


How I can help

A trusting therapeutic relationship can be your vehicle for change, growth, and healing. I’m here to help you turn the ignition—achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and unlock potential success.

When we discuss your challenges and goals, I’ll make you feel comfortable and supported. When we discuss your relationships and personal problems, I’ll be open and honest. I’ll provide objective and insightful feedback. We’ll face your change together, overcome obstacles, and improve your coping strategies. 


My education, training, and experience as a therapist will provide you with the help you need to face and conquer your problems, enhance your relationships, help you advance in your career, improve sports or academic performance, and beyond.


Individual Psychotherapy


  • Anxiety disorders and depressions

  • Mood disorders

  • Traumas

  • Relationship issues 

  • Self-esteem problems

  • Stressful life events

  • Anger issues

  • Couples counseling 

  • Family therapy


  • Learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder

  • Anxiety disorders and depression

  • Behavior and adjustment problems

  • Self-esteem problems

  • Relationship issues

  • Anger problems

  • Stressful life events

  • School adjustment issues

Couples Counseling 

An impartial and skilled therapist can help you stop repeating the same destructive communication loops. You and your partner can explore the roots of your tensions. Become better able to understand one another. And learn to communicate more authentically, effectively, and with an open heart.

Family Therapy 


Together, we can help to resolve the problems that impact the whole family. Family therapy can make all the difference for families locked into unhealthy roles and patterns. It can improve family dynamics, communication, resolve conflict, and transform tension into support, love, and laughter.

Insurance Coverage



and all other plans that take out of network providers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is each psychotherapy session?

A: 45 minutes is the standard for each psychotherapy session.

Q: When should I seek psychotherapy?

A: According to the National Institute of Mental Health, a third of the adults in the US experience emotional or substance abuse problems. Nearly a quarter of the adult population suffers at some point from depression and or anxiety. These are conditions that can be treated effectively by an experienced clinician. For example, if you feel overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness and hopelessness, it’s time to seek therapy. If you find it difficult to carry out everyday activities, it is time to seek therapy. If your behavior is harmful to yourself or others, it’s time to seek therapy.



Jeannette DeVaris, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

57 Union Pl Suite #211
Summit, NJ 07901


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